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Selected Film and Television placements include music featured on networks:


(Burton Avenue / Capitol Nashville/ Universal)

Grayson Word                      Saturday's Girl (Single, 2020)                                Producer, Writer, Musician

The Happy Racers                A Scary Very Halloween (2019)                            Producer, Writer, Musician

The Cerny Brothers              Looking For The Good Land                                Producer, Musician   


Stevie Woodward                  I Lie (Single, 2018)                                                 Producer, Writer, Musician

Grayson Word                       Different Kind of Free (EP, 2018)                         Producer, Writer, Musician

Blue Honey                            Angels Come Home (2017)                                  Producer, Writer

Jacob Spike Kraus                 Cornerstones (2017)                                             Producer, Musician

Lovabye Dragon                    Theatrical Production (2017)                              Producer, Writer, Musician

The Range                              Copper Wire (Single, 2016)                                  Writer

Autumn Hill                            August In The Rain (Wax/Universal 2015)        Producer, Writer, Musician


Jerad Finck                              Criminal (EP, 2015)                                               Producer, Writer, Musician

2Steel Girls                             Mad Black Magic (Single, 2015)                          Writer

Ashlynne Vince                      Hands Off (Single, 2015)                                     Writer

Shane Piasecki                       Set You Free                                                          Producer, Writer, Musician, 


Clayton Bellamy                    Straight Into The Sun (2012)                                Writer

Dan Nichols & 18                  The Sound of What Can Not Be Seen (2012)    Producer, Musician

The Happy Racers                  Ready Set Go (2012)                                            Producer, Writer, Musician

Dan Nichols & 18                   To The Mountains (2009)                                    Producer, Musician

Rye Murphey                          Miracle Street  (SpinBoxClub, 2008)                  Producer, Writer, Musician, 


Sara Haze                                The Ladder (2007)                                               Producer, Writer, Musician,                                                                                                                                                                        

Eve Kempbell                          I Fade (2007, BMG)                                              Writer

John Bunzow                           Straight Into The Sun                                          Writer



Selected  album credits include:

(Cleveland International 2019)

(Juno nominated CMCMA album of the year,


(Landstar Entertainment, 2013




(Sideburn Records, 1998)

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