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Deep Thoughts - by me


   1.    Make good music with good people.
   2.    Listen to your Mother, she knows
          more than you.
   3.    Life is too short to drink bad
   4.   Know your comfort zone but don’t
          be afraid to punch it in the face.
   5.   Trust people including yourself &
           ESPECIALLY your producer.
   6.   You can’t delete it if you don’t
           record it.
   7.   Listen to people, there might be
          an idea better than yours (Gasp!)
   8.   If the singer ain’t happy, ain’t
          nobody happy (also applies to spouses).
   9.   Never underestimate the power of
          a BBQ grill and fermented grapes.
  10.  Free your mind and your ass will
Lucky #'s  13, 04, 05,18, 69, 2


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