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Record production: Full Service & Cutting Edge

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Demo recordings: For Publishers, Artists & Songwriters

I create everything from simple acoustic guitar and vocal recordings, to full band Hi-fi demo productions. JuIn addition to the extensive creative input I provide in the studio on every recording, I also negotiate, hire & cordinate musicians, studios, engineers, mixing and mastering.

What you can expect: Art & Commerce

If you are the creative type this may bore you! If you are the label, publisher or indivudual who will be paying the bills, here's what you can expect in working with me.


Clear and open communication

Up front, transparent cost breakdowns

Reliable scheduling

Detailed accounting and invoicing

Dependable project management & completion


Now for the creative types, here's what you can expect. I am a hands on kind of producer and will be present and involved every step of the way. Here are a few things you can expect when working with me.


Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Input on songs, arrangment, tempo, key, overall feel & style

True exploration of sounds

Attention to detail

Expanding comfort zones


Hopefully several good jokes!

The music is serious, I'm not




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